Saturday, December 01, 2007

CGS Rides High in the LA Times!

Turns out pink really is the new black. Black and white that is. The LA Times reported on Cool Girls Skateboards and the challenges we face convincing skate shops that girls really do like pink! Unfortunately, many store buyers often have the same mindset as Mirko Antich, as reported by the LA Times, "If a girl's a skateboarder, I think she's more boyish and won't like girlish stuff on her board," says Antich, buyer for South Bay Skates and Museum.

Who says girls can't demand both quality and stylish girly gear? Here's to CGS for representing girl skaters and our demands for fierce feminine boards!

Check out the entire LA Times article on CGS at

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Featured Cool Girl Decks' Team Skater, Alize Montes!

At 8 years old Alize Montes is already considered one of the best young girl skaters in the world. Alize started skating when she was just five years old. And she was a snowboarder before that. Alize competed in her first snowboarding contest last month, and she plans on entering more snowboarding events this season. This coming skate season, Alize will be competing in mostly street contest. She finds skating street more challenging then skating bowls.

Alize is in her 3rd year of skating for Cool Girl Decks, and we're very lucky to have her on our team. Her other sponsors are Etnies, Volcom, Von Zipper, Bones, and Destructo Trucks.

Keep your eyes out for Alize Montes, this girl is going places!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Action Sports Alliance

Girlz that truly Rock! Action Sports Alliance ( the Action Sports Alliance is one of the strongest organizations for and about women skateboarding that we have seen ever! They are constantly working to bring women to the forefront of the sport and media surrounding it. Check out some of the amazing riders involved with this organization like, Holly Lyons, Vanessa Torres, Alize Montes, Cara-Beth Burnside and more! Naw, they didn't pay us to say this we just think it's cool. :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OC Skater Featured in New Tony Hawk Game

Orange County native and rad skater, Vanessa Torres, is featured in Tony Hawk’s "Proving Ground". "Proving Ground" is Hawk's latest game, released October 16, 2007.

Street skater, Vanessa Torres, is one of the top skateboarding women in the world. Vanessa is featured in several women's skateboarding videos, including, "AKA: Girl Skater and Getting Nowhere Faster". Vanessa is the third female skateboarder to appear in the Tony Hawk series, following Elissa Steamer and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

Congratulations to Vanessa from all of us at Cool Girl Decks!